BCAA Supplementation for Muscle Building

In the last decade or so, the fitness and bodybuilding community has had renewed faith in supplements with Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). A lot of research on the benefits of BCAA supplements has shown that it is more useful than others on the market.

The best thing about BCAAs is that it helps you gain muscle mass even if you are on a low calorie diet.

If you want to take your body to lean extremes, try one of the BCAA supplements that Advanced Nutrition offers. We will go through the different benefits of each of the supplements later. Let us first take a look at the basic functioning of BCAAs in the body.


Function of BCAAs in the body

The BCAAs stimulate protein synthesis in the body, and they may do so at a higher rate than normal protein. It enhances the processing of the cellular mechanism that initiates protein synthesis, which means it actually increases a cell’s capability for producing protein.


Branch Chain Amino Acids not only increases the rate of protein production, but they also reduce the rate of its breakdown. That is, they reduce the activity of several complexes in the body that causes protein breakdown.


The intake of BCAAs has also been linked to improved workout intensity. In addition, they bring down the production of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that increases the perception of fatigue. Thus, by taking these supplements, you benefit by building more muscle mass through extended workouts. This is apart from their protein synthesis capability.

BCAA Supplements by Advanced Nutrition


Taking Post BCAA is an easy way to build muscles. It reduces the time you need to spend on muscle recovery. For bodybuilders looking to develop their physique quickly and without taking any stimulants, Post BCAA is an ideal choice.


Power Maxx

Power Maxx is a unique blend of whey protein that gets digested instantly in the body. Its unique Amino Acid Blend helps in rapid muscle recovery, maintains a steady metabolism and a strong immune system.



Surge is a comprehensive bodybuilding supplement from Advanced Nutrition that contains energy enhancers, metabolic enhancers and protein synthesizing BCAAs.

Advanced Nutrition offers a range of BCAA supplements to cater to the varying needs of different athletes.


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