Tips to Keeping Your Body Lean with Protein Supplements

Protein supplements can keep your body lean. However, this isn’t possible without an active lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and fitness regime. In fact, to ensure that your body gets the ideal amount of nutrients to develop lean muscle, you need to eat 5-6 perfectly balanced meals every day. It may not always be possible due to your hectic schedule, but taking lean body protein supplementis imperative to developing a lean, healthy body.

At Advanced Nutrition Systems’ (ANS), we offer high quality diet and sports nutrition supplements including protein supplements. However, we also know how important it is that you use our supplements correctly, combined with an active healthy lifestyle. That’s why we put together a few tips to get you thinking:

Lifestyle tips for a Healthy Body + Protein Supplements

  • The timing – The timing of your meals and workouts – all of this influences your muscle development. Our metabolism runs high until morning; that’s why you need to supply your body with enough protein during this time. Take a protein supplement one half hour before and after your workout, as this lead to protein synthesis and muscle recovery. In the evening take an effective protein supplement (Post BCAA from ANS), as it will prevent you from consuming unhealthy snacks.

  • Recovery – Muscle recovery is critical to the development of lean muscle mass. Working out also releases stress hormones that breaks down proteins. Thus, to minimize the breakdown, you need to consume an effective post-workout protein recovery supplement (Post BCAA). Enzymes that rebuild protein are activated within 45 minutes after exercise.

  • Immunity – Take care of your health and immune system. Don’t get overexcited when planning your workout or fitness schedule. Even if you are a bodybuilder, rest and relaxation is needed as stress and fatigue release hormones that prevent muscle building. Some protein supplements contain natural ingredients that can boost your immunity.

  • Dieting – Keep track of the calories you consume, but make sure you are getting enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Too strict of a diet might keep you slim but break down important muscle tissue. That’s where supplements can help.

Lean body protein supplements from ANS (Power Max and Post BCAA) can help you maximize the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle. For more information, visit our websitewww.advanced247.comor call us at our toll free number.

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