What You can Gain From Amino Acid Supplements?

Your trainer may have already recommended supplements containing BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). You may wonder why BCAAs are considered special or different from the rest. The fact is that as BCAAs enter your body, they perform different functions that eventually allow you to achieve better results from your workouts. Protein is a vital nutrient for any bodybuilder. BCAAs enhance the capability of a cell to produce protein.

A bodybuilder or athlete can gain a lot from the intake of amino acid supplements. These supplements boost the formation of protein and reduce the rate at which protein is broken down in your body. In other words, BCAA help you have more intensity during your work. They are also known to curtail the secretion of serotonin. With these amino acids, even if you have reduced the consumption of calories, you can still gain muscle mass.

Advanced Nutrition Systems (ANS) offers three star products in this category: Post BCAA, Power Maxx, and Surge. Here's what you can achieve from the intake of each of these supplements:


Taking this supplement will allow you to build muscle easily without using any extra stimulants. What's more, the time spent on muscle recovery too will be reduced, which means you can recover much faster from your workout stress.

Power Maxx

The specialty of this supplement is that it gets digested very fast. Consequently, protein synthesis begins instantly and your body succeeds in absorbing as many vital nutrients as possible. Power Maxx helps you develop a strong immune system over a period of time as it contains low carbohydrates. You can have it between meals or after exercise to steady your metabolism or maintain lean muscle tone.


Surge provides bodybuilders and athletes with everything that they would like to have from a workout supplement. Surge, which is rich in BCAAs, will allow you to have stronger muscles, more strength, endurance, higher metabolic rate and enable faster muscle recovery.

You can perhaps get even better results as you combine one supplement with another. No matter what your goal is, Advanced Nutrition Systems can help you achieve it by offering you the right kind of product that you can easily buy online. For information, you can visit our website www.advanced247.com.

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