3 Ways to Enhance Your Testosterone Levels Safely

From the A to Z of hormones found in our bodies, the letter ‘T’, for Testosterone, has much prominence. After all, it is responsible for everything that helps you enjoy a good quality life. It promotes libido, increases bone density & muscle growth, and decreases fat, among others. There are many ways of increasing this anabolic hormone in your body. Some of the magnificent options that you can leverage to augment testosterone and its levels in your body range from the use of DAA natural test boosters to resistance training and getting proper sleep. Let us delve into a brief about a few of them.

Don’t Neglect Fat!

Your chief objective behind bodybuilding may be to attain a lean physique, but incorporating fat in your diet is as much important as any other element, for boosting testosterone. Contradicting the traditional belief that fat is an obstacle to acquiring a slim body, recent studies support the consumption of fat when it comes to augmenting your testosterone levels.

According to a study published in the “Journal of Applied Phycology”, people having diets rich in monounsaturated and saturated fats recorded increased testosterone levels. On the other hand, those who remained on a low-fat diet saw a dramatic decrease in their testosterone production. It is important to remember that increasing testosterone with the assistance of dietary fat, depends on both the amount and type of fat you consume.

Include Foods Rich in D-aspartic acid, Vitamin-D and Zinc

D-aspartic acid testosterone boosters have garnered much importance in the bodybuilding community. The simple reason is that they are safe and also act as neurotransmitters that improve communication between hormones and cells. Found in our pituitary glands, these non-essential amino acids react with the brain to release the LH or luteinizing hormone, which then interacts with the Leydig cells and creates testosterone. Vitamin D is, again, an essential nutrient and various studies back its supplementation to enhance your testosterone levels. It helps regulate several body functions including, growth, fertility, hormone secretion, etc. The other important nutrient that you may also want to focus on is zinc. According to one significant study conducted by the Wayne State University in Indiana, zinc supplementation among older men dramatically increased their testosterone levels.

Get Enough Sleep

Many people are aware that resistance training, or any other type of exercise for that matter, is good for raising your testosterone levels. Few do realize the importance of getting enough sleep in the whole equation. Studies prove that your morning testosterone levels depend on the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. Given this, people who do not get the right quality of sleep may suffer from muscle loss and fat gain, as sleep deprivation may inhibit the body’s testosterone production. According to The University of Chicago, the number of hours you slumber has a direct impact on your testosterone production – the more you sleep, the more your testosterone levels.


Age affects your testosterone levels, which start declining as soon as you cross the threshold of 30 years. Though, there is no guaranteed way to boost this hormone, proper workout, and good sleep, supported by good quality supplements can help you come out of the low T zone, and maintain your testosterone levels. The right level of testosterone is a vital ingredient for leading a healthy lifestyle.


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