Mark H.

After deciding to enter my first natural bodybuilding competition, I made a trip to GNC to see what I could use to supplement my strict diet. The sales associate was very educated and recommended the Muscle Maxx for pre-workout energy, strength, and endurance. He also started me on Gainer Maxx, a great tasting meal replacement that was very convenient for post workout carbohydrates and protein.

After just a couple days, I could definitely see more vascularity, my muscles stayed fuller, longer, and I was recovering much quicker than before. I was able to put on a solid 12 pounds of muscle up to 4 weeks prior to the show.

I re-visited GNC and the same gentlemen assisted me in starting my \"cutting\" phase. He recommended Rapid Fire Extreme, which gave me explosive energy and suppressed my cravings during the fasting stage prior to the contest. I also started using a lean protein, Power Maxx. It tasted great, was easy on my stomach, and perfect for in-between meals and after workouts.

The whole plan combined with the diet worked well: I placed in the top 5 in the heavyweight division at 180lbs! I was very happy with the results and I appreciate Advanced Nutrition Systems for making quality products that work!

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